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Heroic Rush season 7

- Start on 28.03.2024 at 3:00 pm server time [GMT+2]
- Duration - 25 days
- Entry fee - FREE

General Terms & Conditions:

- Only accounts at level 10 or more are eligible to participate. This does not apply for version 5 accounts, for they have no levels. To register an account from version 5, it has to have more than 500 points and its registration must have been made more than one week before the tournament registrations. Imperia Online employees are barred from participation

Rules of the tournament

In this special edition of the tournament, we’re bringing you the newest addition to the Imperial ranks – the Heroic Army! Four new types of units, with special skills, will be available for training. To do this, the Higher Military Academy will need to be developed to level 15. The required military technologies are the same as for elite units of the corresponding type. The nomad attacks will not include heroic units.

- Game speed of Empires’ development - Mega Blitz x10.
- All players start with 1 million of each resource and bonus items.
- Alliances are limited to maximum 10 members.
- During the first 3 days after the beginning of the realm, the players will be able to join and leave freely the alliance. After that period, the alliances will be locked for changes and the options to expel, join, leave or invite will not be available.
- During the first 72 hours of the tournament, all types of attacks will be prohibited, except for those on independent cities during the first 48 hours.
- There are 36 castles on the map.
- The occupation of an alliance castle is going to happen through the module Allegiance. Successful fortress sieges against an alliance castle will not drop levels from its fortress but will rather take away points from the indicator allegiance. Each castle will have a maximum allowed allegiance according to the level of its fortress. The only way to increase allegiance is through time – 2 points are recovered every 12 minutes until the maximum is reached. When an alliance conducts a successful fortress siege against a castle a certain amount of allegiance will be taken from the castle. The exact amount of allegiance taken will depend on the alliance technology Conqueror. The higher its level the more allegiance points can be taken in a single hit. A castle is considered taken when an alliance manages to reduce its allegiance to 0. This new technology will have a second type of effect – it determine the starting allegiance of a newly taken castle – be it independent or conquered from other alliance. The independent castles don’t have allegiance, an independent castle is conquered when less than 1000 military units are left in it.
- In order to conquer a castle, which is already occupied by a rival alliance, you should have at least 1 level of Conqueror researched.
- Castles controlled by alliances will be subjected to ascending by level nomad attacks every 2 hours. Each defended attack will give Defensive points. The castles can be simultaneously attacked by other alliances as well.
- Each subsequent nomad attack will be of higher level and more powerful than the previous, but it will also give more Defensive points. Each nomad attack is visible to all players in the realm. Losing a nomad attack also brings an automatic loss of the castle.
- Points are given as follows - first level nomad attack brings 5 defensive points with each next level bringing 1 more point than the previous. For every 10 levels the points are increased by 1. Example - 5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,15,17,19,21,23,25,27,29,31,33,36,39
- Defensive points are accumulated inside of every castle.
- In case a nomad attack is lost, accumulated defensive points do not get lost, they are added to the total score of the alliance.
- If a castle is conquered by another alliance, this alliance also acquires all defensive points accumulated in the castle. The castle is protected from attacks from other alliances for 30 minutes after conquering but is not protected against nomads.
- The new owner of the castle continues its defense against nomad attacks from the level which the previous owner reached.
- If a nomad attack is lost then the castle becomes independent and can’t be attacked by alliances for 2 hours.
- After the independent castle is retaken by any alliance, the nomad attacks against it start from the lowest level.
- Nomad attacks will not grant gold from supply train.
- Nomad attacks will grow in strength by 5% each day.
- For each castle an alliance owns the nomad attacks against it will grow in strength by 5%.
- The limit for deployed army in an alliance holding is increased to 500 million soldiers.
- The price and building time of Great temple are reduced 2 times.
- The positive and negative effects for accounts under castle influence are increased 4 times.
- No tournaments will be available.
- No Vacation Mode.
- The Caves of Conquest will be available. However, a rankings tab will not be available and medals will not be rewarded at the end of the season.
- No weekly rewards and medals from Glory ranking.

* Due to the switch to daylight saving time, all attacks will be suspended on March 30 at 15:00 server time and will be active again on March 31 at 15:00 server time.


- Ranking is based on the total score of Defensive points. If 2 alliances have an equal score the advantage goes to the alliance with more net worth points.
In case less than 25 alliances manage to score any defensive points, alliances without defensive points will also be ranked in the final top 25 by net worth points.


- Members of alliances that finished in the top 3 places of the final ranking will get Heroic Rush champion medals in their profiles.
- Members of alliances which managed to stop at least one nomad attack will get a Defender reward.
- Members of alliances that finished in top 25 will get Heroic Rush participant medals.
- Alliances qualified in top 25 of the final ranking will get еxpiring diamonds as follows:1st place - 5 000 000 еxpiring diamonds, 2nd place – 3 000 000 еxpiring diamonds, 3rd place – 2 000 000 еxpiring diamonds, 4th place – 1 500 000, 5th place - 1 250 000еxpiring diamonds, from 6th to 10th place - 1 000 000 еxpiring diamonds for each alliance, from 11th do 25th place - 750 000 еxpiring diamonds for each alliance.
*All diamonds will be given in the form of e-pin vouchers.

*The Imperia Online Team reserves its right to change the rules of the tournament at any time without prior notification or explanation to the participants.