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Lead your Heroic army and conquer new territories!

Imperia Online is extremely proud to present the seventh edition of Dominion Rush, where for the first time you will have the opportunity to fight with a Heroic Army!

With their special skills, the highest class of units will bring fresh strength to the ranks of your army and help you become the new overlords!

Are you ready for heroic feats? The world of Imperia Online awaits you!

Welcome to Heroic Rush!


Raise your banners in the 7th edition of Dominion Rush, bringing the might and majesty of a groundbreaking 4th Tier army to the battlefield!

The gates are open – registrations have begun!????
The tournament ignites on March 28th. ????

Are you ready to command the mightiest force and dominate new territories?
Join the fray. Chart your course to victory. Glory awaits in Imperia Online.????